In different countries the different shoe-size systems are used: 

  • Russian (metric) system: 220, 225, 230, 235... 
  • European (Paris point) system: 35, 36, 37, 37.5, 38 39... 
  • UK inch (barleycorn) system: 3, 3.5,  4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6... 

All systems are based on the measure of foot length, and the sizes are based on the length of the shoe sole. 

The sizes for R-Class Pointe shoes are marked in European (Paris point) system. 

For the new RC Collection of Pointe-shoes launched in 2018, we use the Russian (metric) system. 

This system is convenient as it facilitates the process of choosing the Pointe shoes – the real measure of the foot almost corresponds to the size of the Pointe shoes. 

There are no common standards for size measures. 

The ballet shoes from different manufactures with the same labelling might be different in length. 

Only the fitting let's choose the most comfortable shoe size. 




The width characterizes the foot volume in the widest part.

 Pointe shoe widths:

  • w1 – the smallest width
  • w6 – the widest width

Few models from CL collection are made until w4.



The space between the toe the cut edge. 

  • V1 – short
  • V2 – medium 
  • V3 – long 

RC Collection is produced only in medium vamp that is not marked on the shoes.


The shank characterizes the sole hardness.

The main shank scale:

  • SS - super soft       
  • S - soft        
  • M  - medium 
  • H  - hard       

For making demi-toe technics comfortable the special soles are produced.
These soles have the index – F (Flexible). 

The soles with demi-toe option:

  • FS  - flexible soft         
  • FM  - flexible medium 
  • FH  - flexible hard         

FH sole is available in pointe shoes starting from the size 33. 



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