New model RC-40

New model RC-40

Overall for the RC collection The collection synthesizes the best of R-Class's 25 years of experience in the production of ballet shoes, resulting in the creation of a lightweight and comfortable shoe that provides complete control by the dancer during the performance and the most sophisticated dance techniques. Improved minutes aesthetics, is the result of the precise design of the internal volumes and the package of the shoes and the pre-bent design of the insole.

At due time of use at a significantly reduced weight thanks to innovative material embedded in articles and sunken "hidden" in special gutter seams on the sole. Flux soles for better contact.

Sturdy and flexible box thanks to innovative cardboard and adhesive used in the manufacture.

The new metric system that allows accurate, accurate and easy determination of the right size by customers.

New unified product parameters, which significantly reduces the required minimum inventory and makes it attractive for sales, even in small retail outlets.

- One enclosure optimal for all V 2 models         

- Six Fullnesses W1 …….W6         

- Three hardnesses that, thanks to the special design of the insole, are elastic in the front S, M, H         


The collection at this stage includes three models, the main differences between them being in the organization of the interior space of the box, the size of the platform of the nose and the cut and the design of the satin, according to the structure of the legs of the dancers and the degree of their training.

The base model of RC-4 design
Universal model  

- Medium platform
- Medium crown
- Medium arch
- Narrowed heel
- Medium box
- U-cut, drawstring

-  Elegant pleatless design
-  Unique modern look
-  The innovative durable sole construction
-  Inner and outer soles machine stitched together to improve strength
-  Embegged sole stitching to increase longevity
-  Natural materials
-  Fine duplicated satin
-  Super lightweight
-  Durable pointe shoes



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